Us that works here

When we arrived to pjesker for the first time it was love at first sight. We are outdoors all the time and enjoys fishing, hunting, Snowmobileing, hikes and kayaking. We do never get tired of enjoying the northern lights magical drawings on the sky, or by putting the grill on the middle of the lake and cook a great meal,  cooked on top notch ecologic ingredients.

Perhaps it is due to our own love to the life here as our guests feel welcome and come back to us year after year.

Mikael Eriksson

CEO and partner, but also guide and cook. Michael was born and raised in Ockelbo, but has found the love of nature at Lake Pjesker. Mikael is often the guide on the tours, which make lunch over an open fire and composes a lovely dinner for you in the evening.

Thomas Axelsson

Co-owner and builder. Thomas has during the summer and autumn spent great time to finalize the newly renovated premises next to the lake. Have a great interest in food and enchanted by the beautiful countryside surrounding pjesker.

Jesper Axelsson

IT manager and photographer. 17-year-old Jesper is like the rest of the guys from Ockelbo and spend a lot of time in nature. Studying in Gävle but will be present at the Pjesker as often as possible. Jesper will comply with the most events and document.

Daniel Persson

Co- owner

Niklas Halvarsson

Co- Owner