Norrbotten is unique in many ways and we follow the seasons, dramatic shifts in terms of both activities and food. The summer mining sun and winter darkness both got its charm.


The food is placed close to our hearts and we cook all food from the ground. The food we use comes from the nature around Pjesker, both in water and on land. We fish mainly grayling and trout, but there are alson perch, pike, whitefish, burbot and sellak (Whitefish) in lakes and rivers around here.

In lands around Pjesker growing mushrooms, cloudberries, lingonberries and blueberries that we pick in the fall and take care with our guests - put, dries, pickles and jams.

Obviously there is always an exciting wine that fit our menu for the day. We love wine as much as the food and exciting wines to match the food we serve.

There are few things that can beat a cup of coffee in nature with freshly baked bread and dried reindeer meat. That's life!

Did you know…

...Berries from Norrbotten contains higher levels of vitamin C than berries from other parts of Sweden? Or that carrots have a higher carotene content? We can thank the midnight sun. The long sunny days of summer that never ends gives a lot of flavor to our berries, fruits and vegetables. The cold and midwinterdarkness also provides cleaner raw materials because all cultivation can be done without pesticides. There is hardly a pest that can handle the cold winters.

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