Are you looking for thrills and a nature-experience

Then we've got something for you and your friends. Our snowmobile trips brings you to the nature surrounding Pjesker in snow deeper that you can imagine. We give you a experience you will remember throughout your life.

Extreme trips with the snowmobiles in Pjesker and Akkanolke gives you possibility to test your limits, together with your company or friends you get a unforgettable journey.

Our daytrips takes you between 80 to 100 kilometers in untouched terrain. The guide will take you to a place where the views are amazing. And when the hunger strikes we eat lunch at a fireplace and refills the energy.

This is the trip for you; no matter if you are a beginner or advanced rider, and wants to explore new terrain, test your abilities and reach new heights. Push yourself to the limit!

Then let us take you with us to a snow paradise in Swedish Lappland. Pjesker, Where lakes and mountains invites for adventure!

Guided tours